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140mm Rad Or Semi-Major Upgrade time?

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EDIT: Decided to do a little upgrading, see post #4

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Right now my WC setup is:

Rasa 750 pump --> GPU block --> Swiftech 360 Rad --> CPU block --> Rasa 750 pump

I'm debating if a 140mm rad on the back of the 800d case will help with temps at all. I do not want to mod my case so if i were to add an internal rad this would be the best way to do so.

So my 2 questions are will this help with temps? And, will my Radar pump be able to handle it?

Thank you in advance.

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It will help, but how much may be unknown. What are your current CPU/GPU/Water temps? Are both of your GPUs in the loop?

Can't you internally mount the 120/140 rad on the inside rear or bottom of the case? If you go rear external, may as well go 240 or 360 IMO.

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Thanks for your quick response.

Only my GTX 570 is in my loop

Current temps are:

CPU 43
GPU 30

Load (Max):
CPU: 74
GPU: 47
(Load temps were taken after running [email protected] on both my CPU (SMP 7 cores) and GPU (1 core) for the same 8 hours)

My idea is that I would mount the 140mm rad internally in my case on the back case fan (Labeled A on the diagram below)

The other option would be to mount it on the bottom (Location B on the diagram above). I'm not entirely sure where the hot air would go however in this situation

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I think i'm actually going to change this idea up a bit
  • Going to grab a RX360 and replace my Switftech MCR320
  • Grab MCP655 pump (Though I don't think Newegg has the "B" version of it link) and replace my XSPC Dual Bay Pump/Reservoir Combo (Im not really a fan of it)
  • Get a nice internal reservoir to show off in the case
  • Add a fast disconnect
  • Maybe a Rad on the bottom
Probably Definetely overkill, but this is OCN right?

EDIT: And once everything is nicely up and running, I can sell the XSPC Dual Bay Pump/Reservoir Combo & the Switftech MCR320 here on OCN.
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