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So i have been trying to OC my 1600x on the x 370 Taichi board with no luck. First i tryed the easy way by just using the OC Tweaker and setting my cpu to 3900MHz with 1.360v CPU LLC level 2 soc LLC level 2 and frequency left to 100. In Ryzen master i can get 3.9 GHz with 1.36v.

The pc boots and goes in to windows with this settings, but the problem is its only running in 2.2 GHz acording to cpu-z, and cinebench score is only 750 in cpu score (No OC i get 1254 ) , Funny thing is that windows is reporting 3.9 GHz.
I know that there is some bugg with the newer 1600x cpu,s so i tryed to do a pstate OC instead. I folowed this guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Tw-wcT7o4&t=490s to try a 3.9 GHz OC but i cant get pc to post , even when i try 1.390v. Al i get is black monitor and debugg code 0d.

I have seen some forum post with the C6 board (older threads) that you should only change Pstate 0 and leave rest on auto? In the guide i followed you changed Pstate 0 and Pstate1 (same settings) and third pstae was left on custom, but with no Changes made. I work very long hours so my time is limited so i thougt i try getting some advice on this forum before i try again.
I did reset all settings in bios by pressing f9 before i tryed anny CPU OC.

The pc is very stable with my g-skil flare x running @3333 MHz cl14 14 14 14 34.
10475 score in Time spy (6272 cpu score).

There is also one other thing, all my cores are running @ 3.699 MHz when not OC( should be 3600)

I have the latest bios 3.20 , windows 10 home and latest Ryzen power plan for balanced mode, ( i have tryed the high performence mode to)
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