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My gaming budget current setup is an i5 3470 @ 3.8, ASRock Z77 PRO, 8 gig ram, PC Power and Cooling 600 watt psu, and a single MSI 7850. Most of this stuff is used, hence the budget.

My monitor is 1080p @ 60hz. Considering XFire with the hopes that the new beta drivers are worth it. Would my board with 16x - 4x be an issue? Would I not get 99% usage from both cards?

I play a little COD---no biggie running that. I mostly play BF3 and will definitely play BF4. I'm surprised how well this setup does actually. Perhaps it's not recommended to upgrade till later. The thing is, the 9K series GPU's will cost an arm and a leg. I can get two 7850's for less than 1 cost when they came out last year. $270 each vs $250 now for two (used).

I read mixed "reviews" on Xfire with 16x, 4x. Some clearly say it doesn't matter. Others say stay away unless it's 8x, 8x.
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