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182.x drivers force install to notebook?

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This is going to sound dumb but I want to try force-installing 18x.xx drivers on my notebook

The notebook is an ASUS N80 series, with a 9650M GT 1GB

The thing is, there are performance differences in the drivers and in [email protected] so I want to test it out and see what I can do

Is this a good/bad idea, would it even work?
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Credit to the Velocity Micro Support Hub:

1. Download the latest nVidia GeForce X Series graphics drivers
2. Run the set-up program
3. The set-up program will fail, this is normal
4. Go to Device Manager (right click Computer and select Manage > Device Manager)
5. Expand the Display adapter
6. Right click on your GPU
7. Click Properties
8. Click the Driver tab
9. Click on "Update Driver"
10. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software"
11. Click "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"
12. Click on "Have Disk" button
13. Click Browse
14. Browse to the folder at c:\\NVIDIA\\WinVista\\1xx.xx\\English\\ (where 1xx.xx is the version you just downloaded in step 1)
15. Click on the file named nv_disp.inf and click Okay, then click Next.
16. Select the video card closest to what you have
17. It will tell you that the driver is not digitally signed, ignore this notice.
18. If everything works, you should have latest nVidia drivers for your notebook.

ASUS does not do a good job of keeping up with drivers. This is how I keep my drivers up to date on my notebook (ASUS C90s), and yes, it does make a large positive difference. Enjoy!
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You guys are amazing! +Reps
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