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$189.99 for PHII X4 940.

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Check out this deal on Tigerdierct of the PHII 940.


I hate when they do a price drop after I buy stuff.
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god i love technology
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Wow.. they are charging more for the 920 than the 940 BE! I'll have to remember to check them out when I buy my 940 in April.

Also, this should be in the "Online Deals" section, but no sweat!
They are really pushing these 940s out the door. Newegg had them for $200 yesterday.
thats a sick deal. Nice find. Too bad i'm holding out for AM3
Dang that's an awesome deal... makes me want to switch to AMD. I just may do that sometime here...
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... and i JUST bought my Kuma 2 weeks ago because I didn't want to pay 220 for that
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