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18th birthday

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After 17 years of complete utter BS of not being 18, I now am. Woo.
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Join the club.

Oh and congrats
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Happy Birthday!
Congrats even though turning 18 sucks.

Originally Posted by Ryan747
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Congrats even though turning 18 sucks.

For most, yes.

Here are my perks:
I can now get my own visa check card. I no longer have to put up with getting turned down when I buy stuff because the card was in my dads name.

I can have my own insurance, so I don't have to spend a buttload of money paying State Farm for my insurance.

I can finally get a job in my field. I've been rejected from 4 jobs in the past year that were $50K plus because I was under 18.

I graduated high school at 15, so I've been waiting for a long time to turn 18.
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At first I was going to say "turning 18 in the states must suck" mostly because you can't get in to bars, but it looks like you've got your priorities straight so congratulations!
Congrats. Too bad nothing cool happens 'till 21.
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