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19" and up

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As you can see from my sig rig, I'm still using a crappy CRT. I requested getting an LCD for my birthday (which is right around the corner), and I basically said "Something wide screen, but no smaller then 19" please."

So, if I'm getting a monitor for said day, it's likely a 19" widescreen. I, personally, don't care for anything HD, but are the resolutions for widescreen 19 inchers bad for day to day and some gaming use?

And then of course I probably wont be getting it.

So, if I do get it, should I be worried about the resolutions, and if I don't get it, is a 19" widescreen LCD a fine monitor for what I want? And what about built in speakers? If you know me, I hate wires, and I wouldn't mind having speakers built into the monitor it self to save on space and a few less wires to worry about. I currently only have some crappy eMachine speakers, and as I'm not a music listener, I don't believe I need more then stereo speakers built into the monitor.

Wow, I'm really mumbling tonight. XD
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With prices down the way they are now you might look at a 22". I would stay away from the 19" wide screen monitors with only 900pix in vertical as it means a lot of scrolling if you work with documents that are very tall. Fine for most gaming though i think.
On SlickDeals.net there was a deal posted where you could get a 23" Samsung AND a wireless keyboard and mouse for $189.99.

You did say you hate wires.....
I'd rather not spend to much at the moment. Due to personal problems, I need to replace my wireless card ASAP, so I need to squeeze as much out of my money as possible. Not to mention I want to grab L4D2 eventually.

Also, a widescreen 19" LCD's res can't be any worse then the 1024x760 my CRT puts out.
Yes? No? 19" widescreen resolutions should be better then my CRTs 1024x768, correct?

Also, any advice for LCDs overall, as this would be my first LCD?
You only have a 3870, which isn't going to handle a 22" 1680x1050 all that well. A 19" will run at 1440x900. So 1024x768 > 1440x900 is a upgrade. I wouldn't recommend a 22" unless you plan on upgrade your computer soon.

If you just go out and buy some random LCD at a store, it's probably going to be crappy. And yes, a cheap LCD will be far worse than a decent CRT. Make sure you know what your getting before you buy it.
Of course, assuming my parents didn't get me an LCD for my birthday, I'm going to go with trusted brands and find one that should match what I want. I do plan on getting a new video card in the future. Someing in the 5000. I'd ask what's a good 5000 ATI card, but that's a topic for a different board. Quick history, I got my 3870 cause it was on sale, giving me the best bang for my buck for my budget of $400 for a complete computer. I think I did well for $400.
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