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1900xtx Bottleneck?

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Would an 1900xtx be bottlenecked with my 3.6Ghz prescott at the high resolutions I play at? My native res is 1600x1200 and I enjoy playing at that if possible. I was planning on waiting till the next round of cards but might pick one of these up (probably a 1900xt and OC to XTX) if the next gen's would not be out for a long long while.
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Originally Posted by Marshall82

Might I suggest if you want an x1900 series get the x1900xt not the xtx. Its pointless paying and extra $100 for someting you can do with a free download of ATI Tool.

a modded card will never have the full potential of the card... I saw it with an x800 GTO² flashed to a x850 XT PE and it had a 300 - 400 point difference with the same hardware. IS this true ?
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