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1GB DC 1T or 1.5GB SC 2T

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DDR2 780mhz (1.5GB) with 3-3-3-6-2T


DDR2 780mhz (1GB) 5-5-5-15-1T

1T commmand Rate is faster but i'm not sure if the 1.5gb will help
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For wich purpose? gaming?? gaming i should recommend 1,5Gb for other things leave 1gb dualchannel
I would run some benches and see what you think. I don't think it would matter in most anything but I know I'm wrong.
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Those timings makes everything up for the command rate and dual channel, if not more.
The timings mean so little in this case that the extra 512MB of memory will help more than anything else, especially if you intend on using Vista at some point.
1.5GB for sure. Having enough RAM is always more important than having fast RAM. Once you get to 1.5-2GB, then focus on faster RAM. In your case, the tighter timings compensate in part for the higher command rate. 1.5GB is the easy choice.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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