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here is their ebay store in case u can't get free shipping through the site


also here is a great deal on a GT 220 1GB from them

GTS 250 is older technology but it literally beats a ton of stuff in the $60 range at Newegg. I believe its a better option than the 5670, even without having DX11 and needing a 6 pin connector

It is perfect for people who play FPS like COD, Battlefield,etc. I like to call it the perfect FPS card for the mid range gamer. It has proper Physx as well so u can play games like Batman AA. It can also fold.

The GT 220 is a perfect card for lower end gamers on like lower resolution monitors who like having a HTPC like card as well. It plays a ton of games well at 1280x1024. Its like a souped up 9500GT with proper H.264/Bluray support.

for some reason a mod keeps deleting this even though its a buy it now and the business has a website.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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