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Well, i've been lurking for a while and been looking up/reading a lot of information.

I'm planning a build towards the end of the year and want to finalize my list to see how much i need to save up to complete this.

This is my first water cooled build, but not my first pc build.

As of now, i might just do 1 single gpu but would upgrade to a 2nd down the road.

I'm coming here for some help from people who are much more knowledgeable about this topic.

Basically, could i get a once over on the parts list for water cooling to make sure i have everything correct.

The last part i am on is the fans. There are so many and I do prefer it to be a quiet but efficient fan. I read that the ST30 benefits from a lower rpm (600-800) range but all i am finding is 1200+. I know Noctua's are good. Would those be fine for my build? I plan on having 2 in push config on both radiators. 1 mounted on the top section of the case and the other on the front.

My last question is, should i run this as 1 loop or 2?

PC on left, Water cooled parts on right


Thanks in advance

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Overall, solid parts choice.

Single loop is fine. Dual loops works better than single loop only when both CPU and GPU are close to full load, which rarely happens in normal use including heavy gaming(GPU intensive) and video encoding(CPU intensive).

I think 2 X240mm rads will be enough to cool your stuff. But your temp won't look good if you put <1500rpm fans. IMO, if you want silent setup, you need more radiator space.
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