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1st Yr folding for OCN...

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Well I thought 3/19/08 was the day but Stats show 3/02/08 was my first showing. Not bad for the first yr folding...and still trying to get higher. You folders send me some older cards to add to the farm.

Rig 1 Soprano Gamer
C2D-E6750 @ 3.2 24/7
BFG9800GTXOC Stock 24/7
extra pci-e slot

Rig 2 Compaq SR1803wm
PD-940 3.2 stock(Compaq) 24/7
BFG9600GTOC Stock 24/7

Rig 3 Neeneestoy
no parts yet for folding but capable AM2 x64 ready
1 pci-e slot empty

I just like helping out and enjoy OCN and its members. Keep up the good work and fold on. As soon as I get a job I will add the new AMD chip and 2 cards to try and keep up with you big dawgs.

Going for 2mil before I have to stop($$$$) also in CPU mag this past month had a special article on [email protected] Fold on...

Chuck D
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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