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1T Memory timing on A8N deluxe

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When I raise the clock speed of my PC4000 memory to around 250Mhz the 1T timing seems to make the system unstable. Is there a way to make it stable, as 1T is quite a bit quicker than 2T?
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Unfortunatley not. The Asus A8N dosen't like 1T over ~240MHz. The only way you can run a high HTT overclock and keep 1T is to run a divider and force the RAM to 200 or so
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Thanks for the reply. That is what i thought. Do you think it would be better to drop the clock speed to around 230-240 and keep 1T or OC the memory to 250-270 and use 2T??? How important is 1T?
Some people say 1T is important, some say it doesn't matter. I'd say its not that important. If you want to squeeze the very last ms from a Super Pi run, then 1T may make a little difference but for everyday use it won't show. I like to stay 1:1 than use a divider, so I use 2T. It varys, you have to test your system to see what difference things make. Its generally a toss up between high HTT @ 1:1 and looser timings (and 2T on the A8N) or high HTT with a divider and tighter timings (and 1T).
Command of 2T won't effect real world apps much... the loss in synthetic benchmarks don't relate to the actuall effect in real applications so I wouldn't woory about it!
On every test I have ever done, Bandwidth wins out over tighter timings. If you can only get a small increase in mhz with 2t(you will have to test it) then stick with 1t. If it lets you get a bigger increase in speed then it will out perform the tighter timings.
At the moment I have the CPU at 2.86Mhz (10x286) and the RAM at 239.4 (3-4-4-8 and 1T). This performs well on the benchmarks and at relatively low voltages (1.44 and 2.7). I tried changing the CPU to 2.84(11x255) with no divider to give the RAM a speed of 260MHz (3-4-4-8 and 2T) and at the same voltages the whole system became a lot less stable. How would I make this more stable? Should I increase Vcore or Vram or both?

Also, if I stuck with the stable setup and changed the timings to 3-3-3-6 and 1T, would increasing the voltages make the system more stable?
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