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[1UP]Infinity Ward Debunks Rumored Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Features

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If you were hoping yesterday's surprise reveals from an anonymous play tester "leaking" word Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 would include vehicles and blood, stand down.

Infinity Ward took to the NeoGAF message boards to debunk the list.

"People. This list is fake," posted Infinity Ward programmer Rayme "Rayme" Vinson. "I mean; I can't get into how-much-if-any is true, how much is false, etc (there's a reason why companies "don't comment on rumors"... it would NEVER F***ING END), but this list wasn't put together by anyone with any insider information. There's also some craziness that should red-flag this as "stuff I made up and wrote down" (like grass camo for snipers... that's straight out of CoD4 MP)."

Vinson was backed up by studio community manager Robert "fourzerotwo" Bowling.

"I preferred when rumors were ground breaking, like when we were making that Sci-fi Stealth Assassin game in space," joked Bowling.

The proposed list still exists, however, and since Infinity Ward isn't willing to spill all the beans on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 yet, there's every chance something on the list is true. Do you have any wishes?


It was pretty obvious that it was fake, but now it's confirmed fake.
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Originally Posted by Higgins
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As long as they can martyrdom and adjust somethings to reflect reality (no nade=no martyrdom and so forth)

Doubt it'll happen, COD series has always been more of a arcade shooter. Can't wait till this is released!
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