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2.8 trying to get 2.8 prob need help

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hey guys ... im trying to get 2.8ghz on this cpu but when i up the voltage to 1.53 and the ram to 2.85 .. it boots but soon later i get the nt authrity message ... system with reboot in 55 seconds

are you guys familiar with this issue?
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I've had the msg before, I believe it happens when something vital to windows errors/closes. Sounds like things are not stable.

Try putting the ram on a divider, if it still happens try upping the cpu vcore while keeping the core's below 55c load.
my comp doesn't like running on 55C load otherwise I could push it to like 2.9Ghz.
beret!... dude what did you do to get your 2.8ghz i couldn't get your message... good job by the way cwell
Thanks man. I'm 8 hours of Orthos Stable now @3.0Ghz! lol

Yeah, put your RAM on a divider and set to OC to 2.8Ghz. That may work for you. Worked for me when I wasn't stable...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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