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So here's 2 budget builds I'm building, one for myself, the other for a friend.

So here's what I'm building for myself:
AMD Phenom II X2 555BE - $99
GIGABYTE GA-870A-UD3 - $105
Mushkin Enhanced Ridgeback DDR3 1600 CAS 6 - $120 (Amazing Memory)
Asus 4770 512mb Graphics Card - $69
Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB - $55
Antec 300 - $50 After Promo Code
Corsair 400CX - $40 After Promo Code ($20 after MIR)
Lite-On 24X DVD Burner - $22
Scythe Mugen 2 - $35
Arctic Cooling MX-2 - Free with Scythe Mugen 2
Mushkin Enhanced Mulholland 2GB - Free with Mushkin Memory
Total $595, $575 After Rebate

And here's a build I'm doing for a friend:

AMD Athlon II X4 635 - $93 (Combo Deal)
Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H - $105
Mushkin Enhanced Blackline DDR3 1333 CL8 - $90 After Combo Deal with MOBO, ($70 after MIR)
WD Caviar Black 500GB - $50 After Promo Code
Antec 300 + Antec Earthwatts EA-380D Combo - $76 After Promo Code
Asus 24X DVD Burner - $23
CM Hyper N 520 - $40 (Should have gotten him the CM 212+, but w/e, I'll be OCing the Athlon to 3.01, and undervolting to around 1.2-1.25.)
Total $477, $457 After Rebate

Hopefully the Phenom II X2 555BE will unlock to a quad core, if not, I'll just keep it as a tri, or a dual and overclock it a little further. The memory should be able to easily hit 1666 CAS 7, or 1333 CAS 6 at 1.65.

With my friends system, he doesn't do anything major, but want's it to last him a long time, so I'll probably just overclock it to 3.0 and undervolt it to around 1.2-1.25, or how ever low I can get while remaining rock solid stable. I'll probably keep the memory around stock. I also want to get him a graphics card for under $70, probably a 4770 or a 4850 off of the forums here. I'll overclock the IGP to around 700, the same as the 890FX until I can get him a graphics card.

What do you guys think? Anything wrong with this build?, any changes or things I should add?


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Originally Posted by YangerD
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It's a good build. However with that said, you can never guarantee yourself that chips will unlock.

I know, I'm hoping they do, otherwise, I'll just use it as a dual and overclock it a little further.

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solid builds!
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