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2 Choices, need assistance on which to go with

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I have sitting before me:
Windows Xp Professional, which i absolutely love
And Window Vista Ultimate, which I am using now and absolutely hate.

I am going to reformat my computer, the question is, is which one to put on it.
Is vista really all that necessary, there is nothing ground breaking that ive seen, nothing safer, just annoying pop up security things.

The true question is compatibility, do you NEED vista for later games and applications?
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Still there is no real DX10 game & I can install Office 2007 on XP.

Anyhow I might switch to Vista after checking SP1.
Go with XP if you like it. You don't have a dx10 card so the only reason to use vista doesn't really apply to you yet.
I indeed like XP more, but i dont want to reformat again if I dont have to. I just wanna know if games/apps will work with vista down the line, and if there is any way to remove the security all together, id rather get a virus then deal wit that crap lol
Vista as an OS I find fine. Just needs a little customization. You can disable the security pop=ups you know.

Go into user accounts and from there you can disable UAC ( User account control )
Haha wish I would have known that sooner
Thanks for the tip though.

But I indeed have changed my mind all together.

As some know, i sold my sig rig and now have a dell.

I am going to build another one real soon, and sell my dell.

But I am not going to be using Windows at all, but instead a friend at school today showed me Linux Ubuntu, and I instantly fell in the love, still play all the games, use all the apps, it was amazing.

Windows, say goodbye.
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I do not have ubuntu yet, he did. he told me the name of the program but I forget, im thinking it started with an "f" Ill ask him next time im in class. but i watched him play a few different games.
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