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2 different tuner cards in 1 computer

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I just installed a Haupauge 2250 card in my HTPC. Works well (aside from the fact I have had to install it 3 times in 2 weeks, but that is another issue).

Since Vista can support up to 4 tuners, I was wanting to put in an old PCI card (Some ATI All in Wonder deal) until I can afford another dual tuner card. I did not realize how much stuff I wanted to record, and at times need more than the 2 channels the 2250 provides.
I know the ATI card works (it installed automatically in Vista when I had it on another computer).

Will there be any kind of conflict with having 2 different brands of tuner cards installed? The ATI one is a NTSC tuner only, which is fine (I am getting signal from cable).
Is it just a matter of installing the card, letting Vista install it then setting up the tuner in media center?
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With the way Windoze is, it could work it could not. But there is only one way to find out. You just gotta plug 'n "pray" (=
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