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2 Free WoW 10 Day Guest Passes

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I got 2 Free 10 Day Guest passes, had to buy new CDs for WoW, got the battle chest and now I got 2 free 10 guest passes.

Want one? Post it!


First 2 to post get it.
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i want!
i want one! JK JKJKJKJ lol
me. I will take one. If and only if I dont have to make a new account with them.

Originally Posted by justarealguy View Post
You can go to https://signup.worldofwarcraft.com/trial/index.html and get 10 days free with no key...
Thanks.. But I made a topic to get rid of them, and you come and post that..

Keys sent to first and 3rd
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haha, he gets 1 free month of wow, if the free trial user buys WOW

if ur planning to buy WOW, get his free trial and help him get 1 month free :]
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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