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2 PM person limit?

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OK so I have been here over 2 years.
139 REP, I forget how many posts.

I finally have some cash to 'give back' and get an overclocked account.

So I buy the 1 year.

Knowing I get 2,000 PM storage.
Assuming my PM person limit will increase.

"You can send a PM to 2 people at a time"

That's it?
1 year subscription, and I can PM a whopping 2 people at once.

I think this needs to be increased...
Anyone else think so?
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Originally Posted by Skullzaflare
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i see no reason for it unless your running something like for a clan and need to pm all members the same messaage

Think about all the clubs, groups, teams etc right now.

Personally, I would use it to let all my friends know I have a new processor, or if the leaders of the 'Diablo 3' group would PM everyone that is a member that the release date is out, etc.

I don't think it should be something you get with an overclocked account though. I think you need to prove yourself. So once again I think it should have to do with posts/time on OCN/rep.
And a good mix of it too. So many people around here with wicked REP counts even though only been here a few weeks and never helped anyone lol. Kind of sad.

But anyway, seriously it should be at LEAST more than 2, I mean c'mon, maybe at least give us 5?
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