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2 pumps... 2 loops... but which pump for which loop?

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I have a D5v pump (with a DetroitAC top) and a Laing DDC-Ultra (with an XSPC res top) on order ...if it ever arrives.

I am planning a 2 loop set up in a TJ-07... one for the CPU (i7 920) and mobo (nb/sb + 2 VReg blocks on an Asus R2e, with a BI 240S rad in the top of the case with 2 HS Yates pulling through it) and the other loop for the graphics cards (2 EVGA 285FTW) with a TFC360 in the bottom of the case with 3 more HS Yates in pull) .

Question is which pump should I use with which loop?
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My vote goes for the D5 on the CPU/mobo loop and DDC for the GPUs.
The D5 has a bit more "umpf" so let her run the loop with the most resistance.
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I agree with kimosabi, I run an e8500 and a Q9550/NB on one loop with my my D-5v Detroit and still pull 38ºC Idle/48ºC Load.
Thanks for the quick responses... I was leaning towards putting the D5v on the CPU loop - only someone mentioned the DDC Ultra had a better pressure (although the D5v has a better flow), so I was wondering if I should swap them over.
The DDC has higher head so it can go through more blocks easier. I would put that on your gpu loop.

Originally Posted by Dar_T
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The DDC has higher head so it can go through more blocks easier. I would put that on your gpu loop.

...but there are more blocks in the CPU / motherboard loop
But then again, the CPU cooler is a Koolance 350AT which likes high pressure (sorry - I know the 'K' name is a dirty word for some people, but that block got some good reviews)

I could put the NB/SB block through the GPU too I suppose (leaving the CPU and 2 VRegs for the 'top' loop), but I imagine that may have an adverse effect on the motherboard temps, given that the 285 FTW's are voltage moddable and I intend to play with that
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Ah sorry I wasn't reading properly.
Then put the DDC with your cpu loop.
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Heres a nice pump comparison:


The DDC seems to have higher lift/head/torque, or whatever, than the D5 so, if I may, I would like to place my suggestion on the DDC for CPU/mobo loop instead.

I guess the D5 is the fast-mover and suits better with low restriction blocks/loops while the DDC fits better on a multiple block, high resistance loop.
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