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20-pin to 24-pin adapter with LanParty Ultra-D mobo?

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I've recently bought an Ultra X-connect 500W PSU from a member in this forum... It is still on it's way.
I originally planned to apply it on my old 20-pin rig, Since it's a lot better then the PSU i ave for the new rig i consider to purchase a 20-pin to 24-pin converter.
I have seen several members that purchase a new PSU for their 24-pin rig, instead for using their old decent(and some times stronger) PSU.
I was wondering if there's a reason for me not to utilize this PSU with my NF4 LanParty Ultra-D mobo, and would it even work,
Thanks in advance(to the REP+s).
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well you can use an adapter but they aren't near as good as using a 24pin psu for a few reasons.
1. by plugging an adapter in you are increasing the electrical resistance thereby decreasing the amount of power your mobo actually recieves.
2. using an adapter doesn't really solve the problem. You are sill underpowering your mobo. the extra 4 pins are 12v power that is used to help power the pcie slot and keep your cpu voltage regular. But the 24pin adapter just splits the 12v lines that are already there... so you actually don't get any more amps than you would before... you actually get less they are just spread out more.
3. DFI boards are very picky about the psu that you use. I highly suggest you head over to DFI street and take a look at the reccomended psu list.
4. I had an Aspire 500w psu that couldn't handle my system before I had the DFI board, 148, or my 7800GT. it has a 20pin atx connector and i tried it both with and withouth the 24pin adapter and I didn't notice any difference. The adapter did not help my stability issues. What helped was buying a quality 24pin psu.

Also, I found a thread where someone is looking for a psu for the Ultra D and you should take a look through it.

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Hmm i might bind two PSUs together for the new rig...
Even thought that wouldn't be necessary per my low-end, low-power demand video card... I'll use this one the the one i originally designated for the new rig as a slave PSU, which will not associate it with supplying power for the mobo but only for the other components, Would that work for me fine and will generate overclocking headroom?.
The second.
The other PSU has 29A on the +3.3V rail and 48A on the +5V rail, which makes it fit for being the master PSU.
It also has 24-pin ATX form factor...
The additional 4 optional pins looks exactly like the CPU connector for P4 mobos... Makes me wonder if i can perhaps associate a 4-pin connector with the 20-pin connector in the socket...
Thanks!, REP addressed...

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well I have never ran dual psus so I'm not sure I can answer your questions about that... but the 4pin 12v cpu connector and the extra 4pin atx mobo connector look very similar, but they are not the same! you cannot mix them up or something BAD could happen. (yeah, I thought it would be amusing to use the word bad here...)
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