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2008 early macpro

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Ok got an early 2008 mac pro for cheap it was working fine hooked up an old apple keyboard I had and wanted to erase the drive and reinstall os to test it before I buy an ssd,
Erased the drive and went to go reinstall osx, got an error message now its like stuck I can go into disk utility and stuff I have an old snow leopard CD but cant eject the cd/DVD? Drive because the thing wont recognise the keyboard its bluetooth can I use an external cd drive to install osx from that disk to the same drive and just upgrade the os? Its plugged into ethernet and I even tried hooking it up to wifi

Edit I apologize for post and have looked up that I have to set the system date and time to a certain point in time and have done that so retrying it, sorry haven't messed with mac stuff in a while

edit 2: setting time and date worked, am now back on el captain

where do i find out what wattage power supply is in this? i want to upgrade the video card to the cheapest one BB has with an hdmi out so i can get some sound through my tv, can i just unplug old one and plug in new one and download drivers? how do i know what mac compatible?

will this work?

Or I could just use an aux cable plugged into headphones port on tv and mac for sound out?
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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