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Since no one is starting a thread for this I might as well then.

Please post links to decent reviews of monitors launched in 2019+ often with new 1440p 144Hz+ panels, from Innolux, LG, ...


Acer VG270U - AUO M270DAN2.x? Innolux? (apparently both depending on luck/date of manufacture, although quality and response is likely very similar anyway) - ?
Acer Nitro VG270U P - TFT Central
Acer VG271U - Innolux? - ?
Acer VG271UP Review
Acer VG272U - LG? - ?
Acer Predator VG272UP with Nano IPS Panel and 144Hz Refresh Rate
Acer XB273U GSbmiiprzx - AUO? - ? - 165 Hz
Интернет-магазин 4К мониторов
Acer XB273U GXbmiipruzx - ? - ? - 240 Hz
Acer XB323UGP - ? - ?
Acer Predator XB323U with 32″ IPS Panel and 170Hz Refresh Rate
Acer XV272U - Innolux M270KCJ-K7B - blurry - supposedly can't do HDR and Adaptive sync at the same time
Acer XV340CK - ? - ?

Asus PG279QE - ? - ?
Asus PG279QR - ? - ?
Asus PG279QZ - AUO M270DAN2.x? - ?
ASUS ROG Swift PG279QZ Review
Asus ROG Swift PG279QR and QE with 165Hz Refresh Rate and G-sync
Asus PG329Q - AUO - ? - strobed Async
Asus VG27AQ - AUO M270Q008 V0 (V002) - ? - strobed Async
Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ Review - TFT Central
ASUS VG27AQL1A - AUO M270DAN6.6? - ?
ASUS XG279Q - AUO M270DAN6.6 - ? - strobed Async
Test ASUS XG279Q - Monitor mit ELMB-Sync überzeugt - Prad.de
Обзор игрового WQHD-монитора ASUS ROG Strix XG279Q: нажми на газ!
Интернет-магазин 4К мониторов
Asus ROG Strix XG279Q im Test: Premium-Modell im Monitor-Sweetspot

BenQ EX2780Q - ? - ?
BenQ EX2780Q Review
Benq EX2780Q im Test: Gaming-Monitor mit Wohnzimmer-Flair

Dell S2721DGF - LG nanoIPS - ?

Eve Spectrum QHD 144Hz - LG "27GL850 panel" - supposedly not an issue = neutral - Q1 2021+
Eve Spectrum QHD 240Hz - LG IPS oxide panel - ? - Q4 2020+

Gigabyte AD27QD - Innolux M270KCJ-K7B - ?
Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD Review - TFT Central
Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD Review
Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD review: gaming monitor debuut met noise-cancellation
Gigabyte AORUS AD27QD Review | PC Monitors
Gigabyte FI27Q - Innolux M270KCJ-K7B? - ? (supposedly a replacement for AD27QD with 165Hz native, this could be the newer revision Q3 2019 AUO panel, or they raise the refresh limit in their firmware of AD27QD and give it a new model number)
Gigabyte Aorus FI27Q Review
Gigabyte Aorus CV27F, CV27Q en FI27Q review: 165Hz als nieuwe standaard?
Gigabyte FI27Q-P - Innolux M270KCJ-K7B - ?
Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q-P Review | PC Monitors
Gigabyte G27Q - ? - ?

HP Omen 27i - LG nanoIPS - ?
HP Omen 27i im Test: Blitzschnelles Panel lockt Shooter-Freunde
HP X27i - AUO M270DAN02.6 - ?
HP X27i im Test: Preiswerte WQHD-Alternative

Lenovo Y27q-20 - LG LM270WQA-SSA1 - ?

LG 27GL83A - LG IPS (sRGB) - ?
LG 27GL83A-B Review
LG 27GL850 - LG nano IPS (wider gamut) - ?
LG 27GL850-B Review
LG 27GL850 Review - TFT Central
LG 27GN850 - LG nanoIPS - ? - seems to be a cheaper GL850 without USB hub and RGB lights nonsense

MSI PS321QR - ? - ?

Pixio PX7 Prime - Innolux M270KCJ-K7B? - ? - US only but a UK seller for EU exists and can be found on Amazon
Pixio PX7 Prime Review
HU review

Razer Raptor 27 - Innolux? - ?
Razer Raptor 27 Review

ViewSonic XG270QG - LG nano IPS (wider gamut) - ? (expensive because Gsync module locked down to Nvidia only for Async) - matte
ViewSonic Elite XG270QG Review - TFT Central
ViewSonic Elite XG270QG Review
Viewsonic XG270QG im Test: Freesync im G-Sync-Modul
ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD - Innolux M270KCJ-K7B? - ?
ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD Review

27" Innolux panel so far is reported to be slower than the older AUO M270DAN2.x response time wise, as far as I saw from limited user reports it's again blurry on Acers thanks to Acer's copy+paste of old firmware issue and BLB was a lottery but there do seem to exist pixel defect + BLB free units of Innolux in Acers.


AOC AG273QX - flat Samsung VA? - ?
AOC AG273QX 165Hz WQHD VA model | PC Monitors
AOC AGON AG273QX 27in 165Hz Gaming Monitor Review - KitGuru
AOC CQ27G2 - curved Samsung as TPV TPM270WQ1-DP02 - ?
AOC CQ27G2U (CQ27G2) Review | PC Monitors
AOC CQ27G2 Review
AOC CQ32G2 - curved ? - ?
디스플레이 리뷰 - 알파스캔 AOC CQ32G2 QHD 게이밍 144 프리싱크 무결점
AOC Q27G2 - TPM270WQI-DP02 ? - ?
디스플레이 리뷰 - 알파스캔 AOC Q27G2 게이밍 QHD 144 프리싱크 무결점

ASUS XG27WQ - curved ? - ?
Test ASUS XG27WQ - Curved-VA-Gaming-Monitor mit Höchstwertung - Prad.de

Dell S3220DGF - looks like Samsung HG70 panel to me - ?
Dell S3220DGF Review

Gigabyte G27QC - curved ? - ?
Обзор игрового 165-Гц WQHD-монитора Gigabyte G27QC: бюджетное расширение линейки
Gigabyte G32QC - curved ? - ?
Gigabyte G32QC Review

MSI monitors with Samsung VA panels, old and new (272 series).
MSI MAG272QP - flat Samsung VA? - ?
MSI MAG272QP and MAG272QR 27 inch WQHD 165Hz flat VA model | PC Monitors
MSI MAG272CQR - curved ? - ?
Test MSI Optix MAG272CQR: Curved-Gaming-Monitor - Prad.de

Samsung S27R750 - flat Samsung VA? - ?
Samsung Space SR75 Review
Samsung C27G75T - 1000R Samsung VA - ?
Samsung Odyssey G7 C27G75T Review - TFT Central
Samsung Odyssey G7 LC27G75T monitor - Hardware Info
Samsung C32G75T
Samsung Odyssey G7 Review
Samsung Odyssey G7 32" Monitor Review

ViewSonic XG270QC - curved ? - ?
Test ViewSonic XG270QC - Gaming-Monitor macht Laune - Prad.de


Dell S2719DGF - AUO M270DTN01 - ?
Dell S2719DGF Review
Dell S2719DGF Review | PC Monitors

HP Omen X27 - AUO? (240Hz) - ?

Lenovo Legion Y27gq 25 - AUO (240Hz) - ?
Lenovo Legion Y27gq 20 - AUO? (165Hz) - ?

Viotek GFT27DB - ? - ?
Viotek GFT27DB 27" Review: Best TN Gaming Monitor Ever?


dream on


I make no promises to maintain this thread and OP up to date. If you make a mess in the posts below you will get a mess.

Try and post mostly links to decent reviews and announcements so that those looking for newer monitors can browse and easily see.
Monitors should be available at least on US or EU market, products available and sold only in Asia are not relevant to most people on OCN.
Some monitors are already in shops while other are only announced. You have to check by yourself at your time in your region and shops.

Review sites to monitor:
LCD and TFT Monitor Reviews - TFTCentral + a list of expected panels in their blog posts
Monitor (beeldscherm) kopen - Vergelijk alle monitoren - Hardware Info
Monitors: Reviews
Aktuelle TFT Monitor Testberichte - Prad.de
Мониторы и проекторы / LCD-мониторы
Интернет-магазин 4К мониторов
Monitor Reviews
Monitor Reviews | PC Monitors
디스플레이 리뷰
Monitor Reviews, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7m5C6_P_lnXb9cHwdo0Ct1TTZ7KUwm3e
Aperture Grille - Reviews https://www.youtube.com/user/a5hun/videos
New Monitors In 2021: What To Expect [Professional, Gaming] + a list of monitors on market and expected ones
Tests zu Monitor-Display

By decent I mean that it's more than a marketing spiel copy/paste and actual work and measurements have been done by the reviewer to include brightness range, contrast, response time, viewing angles, BLB+glow shots, anything useful.
Language: any.
If you know some other nice review sites for monitors, or video channels, PM me a link and I will try add them to the list above. It's an example list of sites I know about, post links to any review site, it's a helper list not a these sites only list.


Monitor compatibility with GeForce cards:
Nvidia + Freesync Erfahrungen

High Refresh Rate Panels and Displays - A Road-map and Round-up - TFTCentral

Quick shop search to find what models are on market currently:
Monitore mit Auflösung: 2560x1440 (WQHD), Bildwiederholfrequenz ab 144Hz Preisvergleich geizhals.eu EU



Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD
Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD review: gaming monitor debuut met noise-cancellation

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Hahaha, maybe at 350 EUR would I consider it being a worthy competitor on monitor market. It better come with FALD at 700 EUR. Or it will suffer the same fast price dropping experience as 32" AUO VA LGs.

Definitely would not preorder, wait for detailed measurements and lottery status. 4k 27" 144Hz IPS is 860-950EUR... that's not so far from 700.

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The 4k panel is fine isn't it, no monitor is free from the butchery of monitor makers that love to mess something up on almost every one of them. Or some prefer to leave some of the potential butchery to Nvidia and throw money at them.
There is unlikely to be only XV273K on market. More options will show up if not already, I don't follow the 4k monitors, there are so many and only very expensive GPUs have any chance of pushing them too.

At least give it crosstalk free adjustable strobing that works in VRR mode. Then it would be a usable monitor for more serious gaming.

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hey guys ... just got my new ad27qd ... freesync, on gtx 1080 ti ... but have windows7 ... dont want to switch to win10 ... but to enable g-sync i woud have to ... but for windows 7 what ist best settings in v sync option to use most of my new 144hz monitor ... how shoud i cap it, how to set it to use fast refresh rate when i cant enable g sync option, v sync slovers input lag,


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Hahaha, maybe at 350 EUR would I consider it being a worthy competitor on monitor market. It better come with FALD at 700 EUR. Or it will suffer the same fast price dropping experience as 32" AUO VA LGs.

Definitely would not preorder, wait for detailed measurements and lottery status. 4k 27" 144Hz IPS is 860-950EUR... that's not so far from 700.
I personally never really understood the hype behind this monitor. LG is extremely late to market with their 1440p 144hz IPS panel, like 4-5 years late. And I'm not sure why people expect LG to have much better QC on these panels than what we have currently. LG is not immune to QC issues with their IPS panels. I've owned a few LG panels over the last couple years, including 3 different 4K panels (the latest being the 27UL650), and they weren't significantly better than AUO in terms of QC. In fact, they all exhibited much more IPS glow and much worse black levels than the XB271HU I owned, as well as the X27 I currently own (obviously FALD masks most of these two issues).

The 27UL650 was so rampant with QC issues at release that it was taken down off Amazon for several weeks. The one I received was pretty awful, almost double the native black level of my XB271HU with the worst IPS glow I've ever seen, and a contrast ratio of 800:1 which is pathetic for current IPS panels. I really am not expecting the 27GL850G to be anything remarkable. I expect middling native color accuracy in line with their 4K 60hz offerings, so like a DeltaE of < 4.0 being the standard. Ballpark 6500K color temp. "Nano IPS" wide color gamut that is basically useless without HDR, so it better have some way to limit the gamut to sRGB.

Not to kill everyone's hype, I just don't understand why everyone is freaking out for this panel. Don't be surprised if the 1440p 144hz offerings from Asus and Acer are still more than competitive with this new LG panel.

Edit: Also the price is too high. Its been 4-5 years since we broke into high refresh 1440p. I was expecting somewhere around $500-600 USD.
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