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21.5 Acer or the Asus????

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need to choose one monitor

the asus

the acer

they are the same price WHICH ONE !!!
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id say the asus, 2ms response time, but the acer has a better contrast ratio, i dont know all the ins and outs of screens, but i would guess the response time is better

Originally Posted by mothow View Post
Anyway you can do $50 more bucks?

Why? It's a lower resolution.
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Originally Posted by mothow
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So what its a much better panel and its fully HD compatible

Go with the dell if you can afford it.
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What are you guys talking about, the Asus is by far the best choice here. I just bought one and it's absolutely fantastic with my gtx 260. It's 1080p capable, unlike the Dell and it's cheaper, I'm not sure how you figure that the dell is a better panel since it lacks almost every feature that makes the Asus panel so great.
get the asus.
Asus FTW!
I had an asus before I sold it to get a glossy HP, but i loved it!! the colors were amazing, the quality was great too! that thing was so durable!! never, not even on my $250 HP, have i seen a solid built monitor! i would definitely buy an ASUS if they made a glossy
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