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2500k gaming first build

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Planning to do my first build with these components somewhere august.
I'm bit scared on doing but every one says just do it

Case;Coolermaster Haf x
Mobo; P8P67 Pro
RAM; Corsair XMS3 8gb 1600mhz
CPU; 2500k (planning to oc)
CPU Cooler; NH D14
PSU; HX 750
HDD; Seagate barracuda 7200 rpm 1 tb
DVD; LG super Multi dvd rw sata

I'm i good to go in august with this build, any suggestions for my build.

Thanks in advance
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your PSU is way too much juice unless you plan on adding another GPU in the near future.

Also, HAF x on sale on their website for 130 dollars (70 off) if you buy it soon. go check the OCN online deals section for info. there'a 20% off code on that page too.
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