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Planning to do my first build with these components somewhere august.
I'm bit scared on doing but every one says just do it

Case;Coolermaster Haf x
Mobo; P8P67 Pro
RAM; Corsair XMS3 8gb 1600mhz
CPU; 2500k (planning to oc)
CPU Cooler; NH D14
PSU; HX 750
HDD; Seagate barracuda 7200 rpm 1 tb
DVD; LG super Multi dvd rw sata

I'm i good to go in august with this build, any suggestions for my build.

Thanks in advance

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Still planning to go SLI in the near future. I can't purchase on vacation , i come back in august XD.

Taking the advice on the spinpoint F3 cost me less then the seagate.

Will wait on SSD, can't afford buying this now will do in the future and nvr look back.

SSD is yet the prove it self on the market as replacement for HDD, it will just giving it some time the prices will go down eventually.

Also taking EVGA GTX 580 as i can afford it and still stay in budget.

With that in mind (GTX 580), Do i still need higher psu if i would go sli gtx 580
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