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Recently completed my first mITX-build (and a comeback to the glory of PC-gaming and computer building, yay) with the following ("important") specs:
MSI Z97I Gaming AC
H100i (fans exchanged for the SP120mm Quiet Edition)
Corsair 250D (running the stock 140mm in front and using an 5.25" ODD believe it or not)

The H100i is setup to push air from the chassi through the radiator and then out of the case, not ideal but I couldn't for the life of me fit the H100i in "pull"-mode (as I'm gussing I have "push"-mode) due to the fact that on the MSI motherboard you have the audio-connectors first at the "top" and not USB/PS2, the tube from the radiator can't lie on top or wedge inbetween the audio connectors and the chassi because then its more then a 90 degree angle for the tubing and would cut off flow.

Now I was thinking of buying 2x 80mm to put in the back and was thinking of these:
Cooler Master 80mm R4-SPS-20AK-GP which are 15mm thick w. 20dB / 24CFM
Think these are any good or am I just wasting space installing these? Would really the fans to be slim since space is a premium.

What I really would like to do is to change the included 140mm fan to a 200mm fan and get more fresh air into the case to help the radiator, will that fit with a H100i installed in "push"-mode with the ODD-tray installed? If so which fan would be recommended? I would prefer non-LED or where you can turn off the LED. Red-LED if I can't pick anyone without it (or being able to turn it off) would work.

Best Regards, TheSwede86

P.S Sorry for any spelling mistakes etc. Quite tired when writing this. P.S
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