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$255 for brand new XFX 7800GT

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$255 for brand new XFX 7800GT at Monarch Computers

At Monarch they are selling the XFX 7800GT for $285.99 plus a $30 rebate for the next 40 minutes. The rebate offer expires at the end of 1-31-06 and Monarch is in Mountain standard time according to my invoice. So there is about 40 minutes left on the offer. The price just dropped sometime today because earlier today it was at $305.99.

So jump on it if you want a 7800GT. I just ordered one to put my system into SLI.

Webpage: http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merch...ct_Code=190339

Rebate form: http://www.monarchcomputer.com/rebates/190339.pdf
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it was like around $250 at Dell after coupons and stuff a couple days ago too. i was thinking of SLI but then again i could get 250 Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers, lol.

jk, thats a sweet deal though. i still hate the fact i rushed to buy my 7800gt, but its an XFX. OCs pretty well i guess.
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