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2600k 24/7 under water

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Hi guys i was just curious what your 24/7 overclock on your 2600k.
On your water builds
I don,t think the corsair h 50 or 70 counts.
And how much voltage did you need to set in the bios for your 24/7.
sorry this is only guys with asus p67 boards .
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You be better off posting here: http://www.overclock.net/intel-cpus/

with a custom loop, I say you should not have any issues doing 4.5+. the H50/70 is as good as a good air cooler. just my
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5.0ghz 24/7 with ht off at 1.45v
if ht is on i will need to up by .02 volts
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the reason why i am asking this is i can do 5ghz ht on with 1.43v in the bios cpu-z at fullload shows 1.41v my temps are 71c after 9 hours prime 95 blend.
and that if my room is at 27c but if it like 20c my temps are 66c.
so do you guy think i am safe to run 24/7.
It just that i read so much of not going over 1.37 volts are you will blow you chip
are don.t go over 70c.
And another thing is when i do my 5ghz and run cpu-z it jumps from 4.999mhz to 5.000mkz. it dont stay at 5.
is there a reason for this.
I have speed steeping disabled c1e c3 report c6 report disabled to.
i all so have speed spectrum disabled.
I'm keeping mine under 1.40V for 24/7

I'm happy at 4.8/1.39Vcore... Lots of phobia spread out there about degradation for long term volts above 1.4, but I'm not sure I believe it.

I made it to 5 and did my normal back it down to a gut feeling comfort level and I used the under 1.4V as my goal. So far so good..
That is pretty good considering most 5ghz clocks need 1.5v to even test for any time at all in prime.
thats what i have right now for my 24/7 is 4.8 ghz with 1.36 v
is there that much of a performance jump to 5ghz or is 5ghz a wast for ever day use
Most people try for the 5ghz just to do it, there isnt really anything that will utilize that clock. There are some exceptions , but if you are a gamer, or just casual user there isnt much point in doing so, but this is OCN he he . Personally i did it once just to get into the 5ghz club , it was fun. As of right now i am just running a 24/7 4.5ghz , which is still overkill for what i do. Just trying to get the lowest voltage possible right now.
5ghz 24/7 on a thermaltake frio (fans on low rpm,70c load)
no need for a loop on sandybridge, its really cool!
Here is one for you guys when i had my old asus p67 deluxe my CINEBENCH11.529
run at 5ghz was always 9.89 now with my b3 board i can,t get pass 8.40 at 5ghz.

Originally Posted by antipesto93
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5ghz 24/7 on a thermaltake frio (fans on low rpm,70c load)
no need for a loop on sandybridge, its really cool!

You must have a golden chip man , click the imageshack link in my sig, that was with a FRIO with both fans all the way up!
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Originally Posted by antipesto93;13081235
5ghz 24/7 on a thermaltake frio (fans on low rpm,70c load)
no need for a loop on sandybridge, its really cool!
This about sums it up
I was able to get to 5 ghz stable, but my temps were pushing 80C under load. My waterblock is hooked up backwards... I will be tearing down my loop later this week to add another waterblock anyways, ill fix it then

Right now I am running 4.6 (ht on) on whatever asus has my cpu voltage set to, I didn't force a change.

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