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2600k Core 2+3 6 Degrees Hotter then...

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Hi Guys,

I am running a stability test on my 2600k and Thermalright Archon and notice that core 1 is max temp is 6 degrees cooler then the middle 2 core. I only used a grain size paste at the center of the CPU. Just wondering if this is normal. If not, where are these core located on the CPU?

Asus p8p67 Deluxe
i7 2600k
Thermalright Archon
CF3 paste
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Core #0 is perpetually 3-5 degs cooler than the rest on my computer. I assume this is normal for most people.
Its normal, core 3 (technically core 2) is always the hottest on my 2500k.
Mine too, core 2 and 3 are hotter for some reason
had this issue on my Q6600 and also have it with my 2500K. Nothing to worry about.
my temps are somwhat more alike... but i do have one core higher than the others... core 2

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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