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2600k OC Cooler

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My Amazon Prime membership ends tomorrow and I was going to buy a Hyper 212+ for my 2600k for $30 w/free SH, however Amazon is out of stock. I'm not contemplating whether to go for the 212+ or spend some more money on something better. I'm a student on vacation, with a job. And since I started working again I saved up to buy the rig you can read in my sig. I'm now thinking about the V6GT but want to make sure, by asking some more cooler-informed peeps, if it does well under OC environments. I'm planning to OC my 2600k for the sake of gaming and folding at around 4.0-4.5GHz and want the best CPU cooler for that scenario. I don't want it to creep any higher than 70*C @100% load, otherwise I'll stay with my stock cooler which maxes out at 75*C with hours of Prime95.

My budget is $70 top. I'm buying a Spinpoint F3 which will set me back $54 and don't want to spend too much more with my limited income. I was even thinking of the Noctua NH-D14 but was afraid it would not fit with my RAM. I'd like the cooler to fit, w/o me having to remove the RAM heat spreaders or replacing them for a shorter alternative.

I've been looking around the forums, benchmark websites for information but none use an overclocked 2600k in their reviews and instead use C2D, C2Q, or AMD models, so I can't base my decision on those results. I also made a thread about this before and every suggested the 212+ which is out of the question now (especially with what I've heard about its OC capabilities).

If you suggest a HSF, could you also try to provide some

I don't want to hear: "The Noctuas are the best, hurr hurr." w/o some reputable testimony assuring that.

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