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2600mah g1 battery

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I've read it adds 5mm to depth. Has anyone had experience with this battery? I just bought mine and am very upset about the stock batteries lifetime. The 2600mah is supposed to be enough for 2 days straight with full 3g usage and data synching often.
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It's supposed to last about that long, or longer under light usage. I'm able to get up at 9 AM. and use my phone off and on at work. getting on the Wifi occasionally and then messing around allll night. and right now it's at 33% battery at 2AM.. thats enough for me. and I can charge throughout the night when I'm home if needed. I've been on Wifi and 3G half the night.

There's another battery from the same people that is 2300 mah, and then you can actually get a 1400 Mah as the stock one is 1150. so 1400 is just enough to get you through the entire day, and the night. and it fits in the stock case. So I'm going to be buying that one when I get the cash
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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