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27"+ e-ips?

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Looking to move up from my current 24" Acer TN display for a significantly better screen.

I would like to go up, but 30" are to expensive for me, and a standard IPS is out of my range as well. I see that E-IPS is starting to move, and I would like to know if there are any E-IPS models at 27" and up. I know that even 24" screens in E-IPS is rough to find, and if that is the case, I might just do two NEC 23" E-IPS monitors.
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I haven't seen any around, but I haven't exactly been looking either... Will search around.
Edit: Now that I think about it, I haven't noticed any plans for anything larger than 24" just yet...
Hmm, well I see some cheap viewsonics around 300 or so for a 23". What 24" are out there?
That HP is REALLY nice, an H-IPS monitor I think. Only thing is that I could pick up two Viewsonic 23" E-IPS monitors for slightly more than one. I like that e-ips is driving down prices for great monitors! Thanks for the info though!
e-IPS isn't that common yet, LG only recently started to ship those panels over here, so anything you find is going to be out of sheer luck, I suppose.

Relating to those 2 Newegg links, those are both H-IPS monitors, supposedly really good ones (only the Dell U2410 has a better panel than the HP), so I'd consider them if you have the cash. Otherwise, you might be safe waiting about a year for A-MVA5 monitors to start popping up, should be REALLY nice stuff there.
Ok, then. I'll wait it out. Are the supposed A-MVA monitors better than e-IPS?
I have no idea, honestly. It's too new, not much is known about the technology. Normal A-MVA monitors are pretty decent, if you can find any in your size range, though.
Hmm, well I hear that those e-IPS monitors are pretty awesome. I am still trying to find 24" in e-IPS, so far all I have is 23", but if the price is right, two of those might be convincing.
He's looking at IPS panels, which are higher quality. That's a good monitor, it's just hard to say HOW good, much like the e-IPS monitors.
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