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295GTX power requirements

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I have a corsair 650 watt, powering a gtx 285, but im going to return the gtx 285 to get a 295, because i want to upgrade it and made a miskate buying the 285, will my power supply be able to run the 295? I have the cpu OC to 3.6 ghz. Thank guys
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yes it will be able to run it.
you should have no problems.
itll be fine. the 295 is like 193w? so that leaves more than 450w for everything else.
Yeah the GTX 295 will have plenty of power. No worries.
Thanks guys GTX 295 Is on its way!
does your psu have a 8 pin pcie and a 6 pin pcie power cable?

if not you might have to jury rig a 6pin to 8 pin pcie cable
if you put the cards name in youtube, there are videos that show the load the card puts on the power supply..in the guys video it was drawing over 200 watts. that being said you shouldn't have a problem.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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