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2gb Question 4 ram, For Oc'ing 2x1gb? 4x512mb? 1x2gb?

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680i mobo, e6300,

General ram sense, what's the best combo of ram, that would provide overall the best stable oc, (if I was to really go to the max, of whatever it could really be).

And best overall choice of ram.

Cominations of ram for 2gb's of ram =

1 stick of 2gb

2 sticks of 1gb

4 sticks of 512mb

(use of 1,2 or all 4 slots).


(Also ram timing's, make them tighter, or just up the voltage overall for best oc'ing also?)

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The general consensus is still 2x1GB. 4X512MB puts a bit more stress on the memory controller, while 1x2GB does not allow for dual channel, and 2GB sticks are rare (only a couple of G.Skills), and have pretty loose timings (6-6-6-18 for DDR2 800). Finally, 2x1GB allows for future upgrade to 4GB if you ever feel the need (although then you'll get the extra load on the memory controller).

Look for some good DDR2 800 RAM (or faster
) with Micron D9 chips.

Since you have an Intel rig, timings are not *that* important. Tighter timings will indeed give slightly better performance, but if you can achieve higher speeds with looser timings, it'll be better! Intels love bandwidth
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2 1gb sticks. This allows dual channel, and does not stress your memory controller allowing for max fsb speeds.

EDIT: damn you Chozart!
k, best suggestions overall?

(re: choice of 1gb sticks, etc, doesn't matter where, i'll figure out how to buy em overall).

I like the super talent ones, however cost / timings, good timings, but, the cost is cheaper then the rest overall, reliable? Not sure.

Though I do like the mushkins which I may go for though.
(look awesome).

The 1000's might be outta my buyable price range, though intriguing.

Though I have 2 say, the G-skill 1000's are insane on their timings initially.

Considered the dominator's, but dunno yet.

Thanks for the info, what's your suggestion as the best of them all overall though?

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The G.Skills would get my vote
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