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2GB/s 24drive SSD raid = WOW

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Wow defragging a SSD... Idioto! Then jumping up and down with them hanging from their SATA connectors...

Wouldn't catch me doing either of those things even with 1 SSD.

But 2GBs a second...




Too bad thats like a down payment on a new car LOL!
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fast indeed.

It kinda made me wince when he started jumping around with all those lovely SSD's
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it must be nice to work for samsung.

Originally Posted by mr.derp
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why did he defrag them?

why not?


omg that's freakin fast!!

I wish i was a millionaire xD
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I'm sure he knows defragging an SSD doesn't do much, but he wanted to showcase the speed of the drives. This is the most ridiculous shiz I have seen. Wow.
i need moar funds
it took 24 to get 2gb/s? scaling wasnt that bad with ssd's afaik, so they only contributed 85mb/s a piece?
I wonder what raid controller was used, it looked onboard but i didnt look for long
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When I win the lottery, I will buy two.
it wasn't onboard, but i'm not sure which it was
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