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2x 1tb or 300gb vr?

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which would be better, 2 wd black 1tb in raid 0 or 1 300gb velociraptor?
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plus u have more storage!
better as in speed? reliability? I assume they will be in a raid 0?
Hmm I'm not sure which would be better tbh. Anyone have actual benchmarks of 2x1tb raid 0? I know for a fact though 300gb Velociraptor has amazing quality.
RAID 0 will be better, just more thoroughput.

Love this Raptor X RAID 0, but a RAID 0 7200rpm setup can equal them in performance if your motherboard has a fat I/O. For general use, just go with the 2x1TB RAID 0 (if you're into video production and heavy graphics THEN Raptors and/or SCSI would be a better bet [as 15,000 RPM HDD still smoke]).
2x1TB. even a single 1TB comes close in read speeds...
yep...screw the velociraptors..

i have two in a raid 0 setup right now, and its actually SLOWER than cheaper 1tb drive in a RAID..
seriously...the VRs in a RAID suck ass
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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