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2x Dual Core VMs -or- 1x Quad Core VM | Q9550

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I have a Q9550 in my sig rig now (yay Black Friday), and I was wondering what would give me more PPD -- two VMware clients with Linux SMP folding with 2 cores each, or one VMware client with all four.

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I'd say that it should be the same, I'd think. But when I first set it up to fold on all 4, I made a mistake and it was folding on two. I think ppd was just a tad over 4k. When I switched to all 4 the ppd was like 8.2k. It might just be coincidence, but if anything, 1 vm should use less resources and less memory and 2.
Go with 4 cores if you can.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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