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2x WiFi adapters OK in XP... NoGo Vista or W7

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OK, here's the "back story"
2 seperate WiFi card
ie TWO seperate "adapters"
and on XP two slightly different client utilities
NP there...

One is set to "obtain IP automatically" (Dynamic) to get on the Internet.
The other config'd to use "Use The following IP Address" (Static IP)
Used to connect to a server on a private INTRAnet

That configuration Sets up in XP A-OK- Just fine.

You know how you can use either the built in Windows Utility OR have a 3rd party take control!

Well, I use an Atheros Client Utility for one and another instance for the other..
No problem... 2 different shortcuts and the two different clients open up ...each automatically connecting their respective adapters to their respective destination.

Both cards can be active at the same time ---> everything groovy!
That setup allows me to keep them both active yet seperate!
and I just select which adapter I want to use to connect to which network!
Easy as Pi!
Well, neither Vista, or W7 (and yes even when running the Atheros setup in XP compatability mode on W7) allow the clients to take over!
They've "improved the user experience" by installing the adapters into the background and then forcing you to use the Windows interface.

So this interface decides it wants to affect both the adapters, even when I tell it not to!

and in order to do the exact same thing that I do with two clicks with the Client Utilities
I have to wade through about 1/2 a dozen steps and disable one adapter and enable the other to switch networks.
and then do the entire thing in reverse to switch back!

Long story short... anyone have any Ideas how to get Vista or W7 to relinquish the reins?

All I really want is to be able to turn off M$ control and allow the other utility to run my connection(s) (just like in XP!)
Which it WILL do fine -IF bleepin' bleepity bleep Vista would let the firkin utility take control in the first place!!!!!!!!
& :swearing:
I know M$ designed it as an "Improvement" but, I don'wanna use their "improved"
Cheers All

SO any Ideas guys???
Two adapters: One static - one Dynamic!!
EASY switch between the two under Vista???
Cookies &
for any solutions!
Cheers ALL

Quicky fer instance
Laptop ---> Internal antenna set for Dynamic --> always there and on!
Plug in a USB adapter----> Use Client---> connect to Private staticIP server
Without having to configure every time OK in XP

Not the case in Vista
Anybody with multiple routers/AP's and cards wanna give it a whirl?.. You'll see what I mean! (about the ninja client utilities)
(unless I'm missing a really
step here!)