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I have two XFX 2GB 6970s and both have Komodo full cover blocks on them. I also have the stock coolers, and all/most the original accessories. I say all/most because I bought these used and previous owner stated that everything was in the boxes, but im not 100% sure since I didnt open them.

I also have a Phobya 200mm radiator I want to appraise because I want to upgrade to the 400mm version.

Lastly can I get an appraisal for a backup system. Individual prices and combo price would rock!! It contains
4GB G.Skill Ram
Asus PK5 Deluxe
Asus GTX 260
Contact 29 CPU cooler/ and a Low profile Zalman CNPS8000 CPU cooler
Thanks for the responses!!

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Well I'll try and do the backup system:

Combo Price: ~$275-$300

Part out Prices:
Q6600: $60-$65
4 GB RAM: $15
GTX 260: $45-$50
Motherboard: I don't know if this is way off, but comparing other prices I'm guessing around $200-$220 (may be way off)
700W PSU: $45-$55

Hope that can help you out. Also, no HDD or case or anything with this build?

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XFX 2GB 6970 w/ stock cooler - $170 shipped each
XFX 2GB 6970 w/ komodo FC block - $240 shipped each

Phobya 200mm radiator - $60 shipped

Q6600 - $60 shipped
4GB G.Skill Ram - $20 shipped
Asus PK5 Deluxe - $70 shipped
Asus GTX 260 - $55 shipped
OCZ 700W PSU - $60 shipped

prob bundled about $250 - $260 shipped
Thermaltake Contac 29 CPU cooler - $30 shipped
Zalman CNPS8000 CPU cooler - $25 - $30 shipped

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Thanks for the super fast responses guys. And no I dont have any cases I want to throw in, cost to much to ship and I want to keep my secondary case(fractal R3). And want to keep all my HDDs for new rig

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Gpus $210 ea
rad- $50
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