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I recently built a system and I have two processors I am working with, the first and what I believe to have the most potetial is a 3.2EE 478 and the second a 3.4 Prescott 478. I am new to to this scene and would like some adivise. I have ready many of the posts and found very little on the 3.2EE so I am not 100% of its capibilities. The Precott however I have found countless posts and I am assuming that I can get aroung 3.8GHZ from it, though the processor itself is not as capible as the 3.2EE would be. Also I have seen several posts on software that will allow me to overclock despite my choice of mother boards (Intel freebe) any one program you like. I would be open and appreciative of any hints or current stable conditions for the 3.2EE and any other system sugestions. I am hoping to have a machine that is as capible as a stock 940 3.2 Pentium D with 3 GHZ of 677 on a 955 chipset platform with standard trim fro Dell with a PCI express ATI X600 (Work machine). On a similar note does anyone have an old Gateway case lying around, I need a hard drive cradle and mother board standoffs? This is the last version of the 478 mid or fulltower they made. I know Gateway makes everyone cringe but their cases with a little patiens and time can be nice to the eye, wallet and hands (no sharp edges). I have cut and modified mine in order to get excellent air flow.
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