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3 640aaks in raid 0 vs 2?

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would i see much improvement with adding a 3rd drive to my raid?
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I'd use RAID 0 on two of them and use the last one independant for backup or storage of other things. Running RAID 0 on three drives is pushing the risk envelope if you ask me. But if you don't mind the higher risk, you should see some improvement - but not much though I think.

Also, I think that the preformance compared with the risk ration is not worth it in RAID0 when just adding a thrid drive (forth or more would be better in this case), since it won't give any tremendous improvement, especially compared to the higher risk.

If you add in another HDD I'd consider either using it as a stand alone drive, or setting up RAID5.
I have 4 WD 640gb AAKS drive in Raid 0 in my second rig and it is very fast and reliable.

I wouldn't raid that many seagates, but those 640gb WD AAKS are very very reliable drives.
Heres 3 640GB AALS:

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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