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We are talking about 1/8 inch here. The bigger diameter allows for more flow and performs better with lesser pumps than the 3/8 inch tubing. The difference in performance from 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch is really not that much so long as you use a good pump with a high head to deal with the smaller tubing better.

A restricted system with 3/8 tubing and a pump that pushes 10+ feet of head will perform almost the same as a system that is less restrictive with a pump that does around 6 feet of head such as an l35 hydor.

I would go with the DD ddc pump that is 3/8 inch and puts out 13.5 feet of head and any blocks you want. That little pump is so powerful that it negates any drawbacks of the 3/8 tubing. You need a good pump if you are going to have multiple blocks.

I have a DD nv68,tdx, and a single HC all 1/2 inch on a D4 12 volt pump and the performance is awesome. I went from an l35 hydor to the D4 and the difference was huge.

GPH means nothing in a restricted system if the pump has no power to push it through(head).

Tight turns,multiple blocks, and cheap rads all add up to a restrictive system where a pump with high head is needed.

If you are going only with one cpu block and a single hc then you will do fine with 1/2 tubing and a cheap pump that has a good GPH.

If I build another WC system I am going with all 3/8 inch stuff and a DD ddc pump myself
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