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3 INQ1 broken screen what to do??

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So i have an INQ1 mobile from 3 and i had it in my trouser pocket but it must have slid out and i sat on it without noticing and now the screen is f***ed with a big white line down the far right hand side and the rest with tiny horizontal and vertical lines. The actual phone funtions and works apart from the screen.

The problem is that i didn't get the the phone from 3 but rather from CEX when i traded in a skype phone and sony ericsson well over 2 months ago and its worked perfectly ever since i got it but now i don't know what to do or how i can get it fixed.

I'd appreciate any help.
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CEX are awefull, I bought an LG secret (b grade) from them today and there wasn't the peice of metal that keeps the memory card in. I bought it with a coupon because i had to get a refund on my Sony ericsson k850i of which buttons stopped working.

Your buggered, they wont cover damage if it caused by you, I had to quote my statutory rights and threaten to bring in trading standards agency just to get store credit for LESS than what I paid for it. And I didnt cause the damage, the staff are freindly etc, its just the managers, they are complete arseholes.

I have worked arround my problem, bluetack keeping the memorycard in,
, Im not going throught that palava of returning again.
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Its not CEX's fault but mine as the phone has always worked 110% for the 2 months i've had it but it was my stupid mistake of sitting on the thing when it slipped out of my pocket and as i bought it in january i can't take it back now so i don't know what other options i have.

I'm not sure how i can get it repaired and if i can get it done relativly cheap but becuase it not a standard phone from nokia, lg, Sony ericsson....etc i asume it will be harder to fix or it will be more costly.
cex might be able to fix it but they will probably overcharge since you broke it. your best off going to these mobile phone shops that suddenly appear on the highstreet that say they can repair phones, they are surprisingly good, but it ain gonna be cheap.

My nearest one had stock of part for an unknown brand called glofiish
Cheers, i've ended up ebaying it as spares or repair so now need a find a new one to get if/when i get the INQ sold.
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