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3 pin not working

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The two 3 pins in that pic are not working on my abit AN8 Ultra. I dont know what it could be i put a fan on them and boot up they stay on for about 5 sec. than stop.

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it htere a bios setting for them? thats my gesuss, check bios, and try different fans also..

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Well, OTES fans are to supplement the "Fanless" cooling system that's included on the motherboard. You can read the OTES overview HERE. You have to buy specific fans to use on your OTES. Check item #9 on this page HERE if you want to buy them. Also, the BIOS settings referring to the OTES optional fans is on page 3-7 and 3-8 of the User Manual which you can download directly from this link HERE. Hopefully, this will help you out!

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