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300,000 ppd

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Now how can OCN get that extra 300,000 PPD to beat [H]'s 24hr output?

They pumped up steam of late, and now over 3,000,000 PPD average, to our 2,800,000+ output.

As long as they can pull extra PPD we won't be able to top them (and isn't that the whole goal of competition??).

So guys and gals, dust off those spare parts and cobble a folding rig. Even for older computers you can get 1,000PPD. We only need 300x1,000PDD extra computers to fill in the gap.

If this stock Little Rig can pull over 2000PPD, I'm SURE some overclocker can beat that output, too!!
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We need to find more folders and get ours to fold more frequently. Try to get friends and such to fold as well.
Good call! I'm folding everything I can get my hands on, even if that included old school IBM R40 laptops

I'm also buying a new rig soon which should be folding within a week or so.
I'm gonna try sort something out with the administrator at my school to get the computer pods folding overnight (each with about 20 computer, they're left on anyway so why not fold?) But no promises

Everybody has to do their part - fold for the cure, fold for the cause! Fold for 37726!
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well... i just cranked mine up to 10k ppd. we just need more people with farms.
I bought a 10min back up power supply this weekend for my 2nd rig, its now folding 24/7, so thats a extra 5kPPD ontop of my 260s
I'm helping! i swear mom!
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I am just waiting until summer so I can rake in some money to get a small hard drive/775 socket processor/cheap PSU then my dusted 8800GT will be cranking an extra 6k PPD.
Quad i7 @4ghz
Dual GTX285's
Single 9800GT

should be folding by mid-afternoon tomorrow
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As soon as my mobo gets here I will have another rig with an E6420 and 8800GT ready to go! Prolly about 3 or 4 days! Plus I just got me other 8800GT folding today! So hopefully I can pump out some more goodness!

Originally Posted by grunion
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We need more folders!!!

The Horde ~1200 active
OCN 760 active

I'm working to raise awareness with the GPU benchmark graph, showing people what their rig can produce. I hope it will work....
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It won't be until June before I can afford putting another rig together for folding (so broke, a much needed aftermarket heatsink for this HD4870 is even out of the question now).

But I'm sure there's folks out there who think their older rig can't do enough to bother, but every WU counts, especially at this stage of the competition.

300x1 WU is better than nothing!
ok i havent been folding for awhile ill start again so make that 292,634 PPD needed!
Next week I will be adding 2 4850's to our cause, and a couple dual core's.
or one of you millionaires out there can get 15 4x9800x2 rigs =D.
Fire it up!!

I'm bypassing a lot of people who are AWOL, who by their folding stats CAN beat My Little Rig.

Can you believe a STOCK rig is beating these overclocked rigs????

Come on, have a little more pride, guys!! lololol
Got my 9800 folding now
that should add ~ 5000ppd i think lol
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3x gtx260's online within a week..for now, 1x8800Gt and 1x9600GSO. Still waiting on processor for the three*260 setup
I just re initiated folding. I'm putting my 4850 to use. I'm looking to add 1 or 2 more GPUs soon.

I am folding my butt off....LOL....

Some of the folks are helping me build a dedicated folding rig that will produce 20K PPD per day just trying to get the parts together...hopefully in the next couple of weeks!
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