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30in lcd help me pick

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overall which is better the dell 30in or the apple 30inch
im talking high resolution photography and crazy gaming both are nice both are expensive i needa professional opinion of pros and cons.. thanks
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The higher the contrast ratio the better, however I would not even CONSIDER the x1900 at this point in time, 7900 will be out in less than a month (EARLY March) and will be nearly twice as fast as an x1900, when you pair both up with an FX60 the 7900 scores 13,000 even and the x1900xtx scores 11,000, but 2 x1900xts in CrossFire only score 13,500 so you'd have to CrossFire the x1900s to be comparable to 1 7900, now imagine SLIing 7900s and you get the picture, 7900 should cost about $550 MSRP at launch so it will the same pricewise as an x1900xt and less then an x1900xtx, in a word ATI is boned unless that benchmark turns out to be false which i doubt since the 7900 has twice as many REAL pipelines as the x1900.....AND a higher clock speed.

EDIT/// I sure hope the movies you are gonna watch are 1080p (1920x1080) or atleast 720p (1280x720) resolution because if not they will look HORRIBLE when stretched out on either of those monitors.

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the dell is better... look at the reviews and the specs, it has a higher contrast ratio AND has better refresh rate at 11 ms which doesn't ghost.
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