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3200+ vs. opty 144

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I'm upgrading my computer, but I'm not sure weather to choose the opty or the 3200+. The opty is only at 1.8 and 3200+ is at 2.0, but how do their OCs differ? I don't have very good cooling but hopefully add a zalman 7000 eventually, if my case isn't too small. In other words, I'm not expecting a very high OC. So which one would be better?
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If you have the money go opteron! 3200's you can get pretty cheap, That's why I'm getting one!
But the opteron will pwn the 3200 due to larger cache and basically, just think of one as a 3700 san diego. Same cache, Same overclocking results *kinda* but a bit of a lower price. These things can hit 2.4 EASY without even breaking a sweat on stock voltage and stock coolers from what I've seen. Throw some AS5 on that heatsink and clock like mad.
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