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3500+ Venice Overclocking

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Well, I can not figure out how to OC my 3500+ (2.2ghz stock) with my A8N32 motherboard. I am not a noob at this im more of an advanced noob, lol. I had a 3200+ Winchester with an A8N-SLi (crappy 1 gig corsair value select ram) and got it to overclock to 2.4ghz, stock is 2.0. But if I mess with ANY BIOS settings other then default on my A8N32, it wont boot up. The Ram I have now is Dual Channel 2 gig G.SKILL Extreme @ 250mhz. So, if anyone is familiar with this motherboard-ram-CPU, help me out. thanks
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Just some basics, do you have Cool' n' Quiet turned off? Do you want to post what it's set at now and also what you are changing when it won't boot?
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